3.1. Abstract

This document compiles the release notes for OPNFV release when using Apex, Joid and Fuel as a deployment tool.

3.2. Important Notes

This notes provides release information for the use of Apex, Joid and Fuel as deployment tool for the Gambia release of OPNFV.

The goal of the Gambia release and this Apex and Fuel based deployment process is to establish a lab ready platform accelerating further development of the OPNFV infrastructure.

Carefully follow the installation-instructions.

3.3. Summary

For Gambia release, OVN4NFV is supported with APEX and FUEL installers.

This Gambia artifact provides Apex and Fuel as the deployment stage tool in the OPNFV CI pipeline including:

  • Documentation built by Jenkins
    • overall OPNFV documentation
    • this document (release notes)
    • installation instructions
  • Automated validation of the Fraser deployment.

3.4. Release Data

Project ovn4nfv
Repo/tag ovn4nfv/opnfv-7.0
Release designation Gambia 7.0
Release date November 09 2018
Purpose of the delivery New Scenario PoC: OVN SFC Scenario documentation, OVN-CN-VM OVN support in Fuel installer.

3.4.1. Deliverables Software Deliverables

3.5. References

For more information, please see: